Laundry room is really an important area in the house. Most of time laundry room is near to garage door, this is the same condition. Have a functional laundry room and mudroom combination, this is our goal!

  1. Have more counter space for folding.
  2. Have enough space for laundry cleaning detergent.
  3. Have shoe organizer.
  4. Nice and neat look.

Original design of laundry room is kind of tight space with a separate shoe closet.

At the beginning we wanted to keep small shoe closet, just to make cabinets more higher up to ceiling and have washer & dryer to be build-in look. The problem is no counter space to fold and space still feel tight.

Later we came up a bold thought to knock down shoe room and have tall cabinets sitting on washer&dryer counter top. This way was gaining space for shoes also folding area, which was wonderful solution! The whole laundry room was much bigger look and much space to move around.

We have made cabinets above sink to be deeper as 15″ rather than standard size 12″, this was helping to put bigger size of laundry detergent bottles. Tall cabinets above counter is deeper as 15″ as well, so we can have enough counter space in front to fold clothes. The mean time, it is much easier to access to shoe pantry.

Clients are very satisfied with the whole final job with look and workmanship. We are very happy to have all the effort out in as well with our professional design and construction team!


Project Type Laundry Room Renovation
House Type House
Completion Date Feb 2019
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